A better way… by design

It starts with a single seed

We were founded on the belief that business could be done a Better Way – that we can do good while doing well. We have stepped up to the challenge of demonstrating that free-enterprise need not come at the expense of human values, environmental sustainability or personal happiness, rather, that it is possible to build a profitable business while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those whom it touches.

How many apples do you see on this page? Many would say one, but we see a whole orchard, for in each apple are many seeds and the infinite possibility for creating something new. Together, we, the people of the Mosaic Family, are creating something…a new business paradigm. The seeds of change lie in each one of us.


Our Companies



Oil Country Engineering

Oil Country Engineering is an employee-owned land-based drilling rig design consulting firm that delivers industry leading engineering and manufacturing solutions to provide manufacturers, owners and operators, throughout the world, with an enduring competitive advantage. Our unique business model enables us to hire the very best talent and provide our people with challenging and highly rewarding careers. This translates into an exceptional customer experience, unlike any other in the industry.
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Pure Mosaic

Pure Mosaic

Pure Mosaic is an employee-owned engineering design and business consulting firm serving various industries internationally. We pride ourselves in developing collaborative partnerships with our business partners to arrive at customized solutions to their problems. We are consistently rated highly in professionalism and we like to think it’s not at the expense of authenticity. We do business based on trust and believe it possible to strategically align with both our customers and suppliers so that all parties achieve growth and success together.
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Normal is broken. Leading by example we are spreading the message of sustainable business.

Simply put, The Mosaic Family of Companies is an employee-owned provider of awesomized customer experiences. We are proud of the services we provide, the team we stand shoulder to shoulder with, and the positive impact we have on the people we work with and for.

Mosaic’s corporate culture was developed around the belief that employees cannot and should not be regarded as tools for making profit, but rather as PEOPLE each with unique gifts and talents, all looking to find what they do best and purpose in their work. Gone are the days of the industrial revolution where profit was king and money could buy a person’s hands and back. In today’s era of the knowledge worker, the competitive advantage is found in engaging heads and hearts.

For us, work is a place we can bring our WHOLE selves…a place to learn and grow and make a meaningful contribution. The resulting positive change in our own lives make us each ambassadors for change that has reached beyond the products and services of the Mosaic organizations.


Our purpose


Our purpose is to create role model organizations that effect positive social change, through business.

It’s a fact of life that most of us will spend half of our waking hours at work. Misery at work eventually leaks into the rest of one’s life. This got us thinking – if only we could all be happy & energized at work, then we could also be happier and more productive in all other aspects of our lives, and maybe… just maybe… this could translate in to a ripple effect that would result in positive social change on a larger scale.

To be a Mosaic Organization is to be:

  • Principle centered, values based & unified by our common vision
  • Heralded for achieving great success through the cumulative efforts of highly engaged people leveraging their talents, strengths and interests
  • Focused on creating positive outcomes for all within our sphere of influence including our people, business partners, shareholders, the local community and the natural environment
  • Sought out as an organization to work for and with
  • Socially innovative and leading change
  • Giving back generously to society

Mosaic Centre


The seed of an idea comes to fruition.

The corporate world is ready for a more conscious approach to business that focuses on developing and nurturing corporate cultures with humanistic soul. To accomplish this we need to rethink our work environments and create places that enable people to bring their WHOLE selves to work. The Mosaic Centre offers:

  • Spaces that foster the development of interpersonal connections and sense of community, from which collaboration and synergy arise
  • Flexible work spaces that allow for autonomy and the freedom to choose how, when and where we work
  • A healthy work environment boasting loads of natural light and fresh air
  • An environment that reflects our passion for life and our commitment to environmental sustainability
  • A positive vibe that energizes and inspires us

The Mosaic Centre is a beautiful, environmentally sustainable, positive energy environment for building occupants, and members of the neighboring businesses and residential communities to enjoy and recharge in. It is designed to be a model for the business and commercial construction worlds to aspire to. We are openly sharing our concepts, best practices and lessons learned in effort to educate and inspire anyone interested in sustainable building practices.





Want to learn more about how we’re rethinking conventional business wisdom? Give us a shout!

If you’d like to join our team in the disruption of status quo, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit the websites for each of our companies for info on current employment opportunitities.

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